Final Project

TOKENS Quotes Voices RULES TITLE: MONOLOGUES These are 4 PDF files needed to play the game in its current state. I play tested the game with 6 volunteers at my job and it seemed to go over well. They were slow into getting into it but they had a lot of fun once they did. The introduction of […]

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Prototype #5

Title: Word of Mouth Materials Needed: 2 sets of different colored cards. It does not matter which set you pick up from for your hand. 6-10 players. Teams of 2 Instructions: One team will judge each set of 2 rounds, or 1 set. For each round, the two teams playing will pick up 3 cards […]

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Prototype #4

Title: Monologues Materials Needed: 2 sets of different colored cards. One set will have the names of celebrities and other well known people who have particularly notable voices. The other set will have famous movie quotes written on them. Instructions: Each player must have 4 celebrity cards per round. One player will draw a quote […]

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Prototype #3

Materials Needed: 60 second timer for rounds One large set of cards, similar to Taboo, which have one word written at the top, along with 5 other words which cannot be said A smaller set of cards which contain challenges for the round Instructions Players take turns, from alternating teams, attempting to get their teammates […]

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Prototype#2 Documentation

Tile Towers Materials  2 sets of 100 letter tiles distributed in the same number as scrabble. 1 set more for each player added to the game. Each set must have a distinguishable characteristic. Enough room for a 10(tile width) X 15(tile length) “board”. Instructions Players take turns trying to create the highest tower using the […]

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Prototype #1 Crossword

I had a lot of fun working on this crossword. I tried my best to not pick too many obscure answers, but it seemed necessary at certain times. I found the most difficulty with this project when I was trying to find words which fit with other already inserted words. The feature included with the […]

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